Turnkey Solution To Deliver Live Training Sessions 

Rely on our network of on-demand instructors & platform to deliver live interactive sessions

Course Setup

You choose the time

Through our platform you'll be able to set up the course time and schedule that fits the needs of your employees and/or customers.

Instructor Onboarding

Choose your instructor

Choose and match with the instructor that you'd like to lead the course for youe employees or customers. Every instructor that is on our platform is certified and has gone through extensive training to be able to lead these courses.

Exercises & Evaluations

Throughout the length of the course, employees or customers will be receiving exercises that help accelerate their growth on top of performance evaluations to keep track of how each person is doing.

Course Schedule

This feature allows you to see the course schedule and when each employee or customer is set for the class. You can see in advance and also see in the past on which exact class they have taken.

User Management

Check in on the progress of your employees or customers and see how they are doing. You can see the classes they have taken and the classes they have left to finish in the course.

User Experience

User experience is a top priority for us so we want to make sure we deliver the best classes possible. Through the portal you will be able to observe how employees or students are acclimating to the course.


You will be able to message employees, customers, or instructors through the messaging app. Keep in contact.

Engagement & Feedback

See how the employees or customers are engaging with the course. From the classes to exercises, you'll be able to monitor and see their feedback.

Billing & Payment

In this portal you will be able to easily make payments and see the cost breakdowns.