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Coaching Platform for Financial Services

Access engaging and participative coaching programs designed for financial companies to nurture leaders at the workplace and accelerate sales performance.

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Nurture Skills at
Every Career Level

LocalMasters’ case study-based methodology offers financial services employees the opportunity to learn from real-life scenarios & apply their learnings.

  • Case study-based coaching methodology
  • Platform to interact and role-play
  • Auto-enrollment to a thriving community
  • Access to a rich network of enthusiasts & professionals

Develop the Skills to
Convince Customers

Accelerate development of skills required to convert leads into customers & imperative to revenue growth.

  • Build communication skills
  • Foster leadership qualities
  • Develop persuasion skills

On-Demand 1-On-1
Sessions with Experts

Get additional support from expert coaches to fast pace your team’s progress. Request 1-on-1 sessions for individuals or groups that require personalized guidance.

  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions
  • Certified coaches
  • Expert-led sessions
  • Quicker skill development

Flexibility to Customize the Program

Follow pre-designed or create custom learning paths. Create goal cards for your team members and add/remove them as and when needed.

  • Add/Remove members
  • Create goal cards
  • Customize learning
  • Set personalized goals

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