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Develop Staff Skills to Boost Revenue & Team Performance by 45% Annually

Coaching programs designed to help hospitality professionals develop the skills required to offer a great customer experience and convert qualified leads into paying customers.

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Build Immediate
Customer Connections

The hospitality industry is service-focused, and an inadequately trained sales team can result in customers slipping through the cracks. Our programs develop the skills to offer pleasant customer service experiences that leave a lasting impression.

  • Leadership development
  • Critical listening skill development
  • Pre-set learning paths
  • Learning path customization

Expedite Staff  Onboarding

Overcome friction everytime a new hire joins. Get your employees up to speed with the basic values that the hospitality industry stands on and the best practices to follow.

  • Bite-sized content designed by experts
  • Badges for motivation
  • Dynamic leaderboards
  • On-demand 1-on-1 sessions

Create a Culture of
Resilience & Safety

Develop a team that stands by each other in the face of adversity. Our programs creates equal opportunities for everyone, builds deep connections with the organization, and fosters the spirit of belonging.

  • Accepting criticism & sharing feedback
  • Create goal cards
  • Individual- & team-level progress tracking
  • Nudges & on-the-spot recognition

Offer Great Customer

Fine-tune your team’s skills for high win rates by initiating meaningful conversations and offering a consultative approach & solutions proactively.

  • Case study-based coaching methodology
  • Platform to interact and role-play
  • Auto-enrollment to a thriving community
  • Access to a rich network of enthusiasts & professionals

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