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Work with our trusted advisors & community experts to get the mentorship you need to grow.


Results are what matters most when it comes to learning and we have prioritized our business around that notion. Employees will have access to our trusted advisors and case studies that show how they can apply these skills in real work related situations.

How we create success around your employees
  • Support from our trusted advisors
  • Examples from case studies
  • Access to communities & forums



How It Works

Custom Tailor Coaching & Set Access Levels

Our coaches are ready to help you accomplish the challenges you face at work in your profession.

Case Studies That Match Your Workplace

Browse through our case studies and see how others have been able to create success in their workplace. 

Build Confidence To Succeed

We work on employees weaknesses and improve on their strengths to create impactful results.

Learning Paths

Our coaches are ready to increase your productivity and boost your career. Here are some of the core topics that can help strengthen an employee’s skills.


Objective Learning Metrics & Measurable Productivity Gains 

Our goal at LocalMasters is to have your employees succeed at their workplace as quickly as possible. We aim to create results within 2 weeks, not months.

Exec Briefing

1 Hour

Customization & Branding

2 Days

Access Provision & Pilot Users

3 Days

Goals & KPIs Monitors

7 Days

Ongoing Maintenance

4 Hours a Month

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