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Always On


We handle all of the marketing and advertising, so you just need to focus on providing a great experience for your customers or clients.


You set your own schedule and accept bookings at will. You work to create an experience people will talk about and return to again and again.


As more people in more places benefit from your expertise and approach, the value of your brand quickly grows.

How it Works

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Sign up for Free and Get Qualified by Our Grand Master (service expert).

Get Customers

We accept booking from local customers.

Provide excellent service

Provide great service to customers through personal sessions.

Build your customer base

Build your customer base through high quality service and earn great money.

Solution Built Around Your Needs

No Investment

Sign up for free and get access to new customers without any investment.

Guaranteed Results

We take care of all your marketing and get you guaranteed customers in your area.


You have complete control over your service as you work personally with your clients.


Get complete support from our team at every step as you watch your customer base grow.

Frequently Asked   Questions

Q. So how exactly do I get started working with a Grand Master?

Step 1)  Following your application, you receive training on the Grand Master's approach and methodology and pass an evaluation certifying your ability.

Step 2)  You establish your schedule, accept customer bookings and earn $30 to $50 per session as you begin..

Step 3)   We aggressively market the service, handling the entire process of bookings and payment, so your relationship with the customer remains entirely cashless and focused on a great experience.

Q. Will this be similar to starting my own business, but with the support of an established expert and successful service provider?

That's exactly right! You receive mentorship and training from an expert with many years of success, so you already know the service will likely succeed. We also offer all the tools you need, including:

  • A great mobile app and online marketplace
  • An aggressive marketing and advertising campaign
  • A robust and convenient booking agent

Q. With what kind of experts are you working?

We are already working with a number of established experts in different fields. Tell us more about your background and expertise, and we will match you with the perfect Grand Master.

Q. How much do the additional training, booking software, and other tools cost?

There are no costs of any kind related to our platform. There are no fees for the training you receive, or for the mentorship on how to launch quickly. There are also no payment processing fees, software licensing fees, per bookings fees, or any other fees of any kind.

Q. I'm ready to get started, but not very technically savvy. How difficult is this?

Our platform guides you through every step, from your initial profile creation and application process, to the completion of training and your assessment. The process is quick and requires little to no technical expertise. If you've ever dreamed of turning your skill and passion into a great business, there's absolutely no risk in getting started today.

Getting Started is  Easy


Let us know about your passion, background, skills, and commitment to success.


Training occurs online through our platform, and it easy to complete at your own pace.


We aggressively market your services for a fast launch and continued success.